Beautiful, durable and incredibly easy to clean, DecoGlaze ® coloured glass bathroom walls create the ultimate style statement for your bathroom. With a wide range of colours available, we can create a solution to suit any bathroom design.

Sick and tired of cleaning mouldy grout? DecoGlaze ® coloured glass splashbacks and bathroom walls are the answer. Installed in combination with frameless showerscreens, cleaning becomes a breeze, especially when using DecoGlaze’s All Surface Cleaner.

Frameless showerscreens and tile-free walls provide no crevices for dirt to accumulate, making cleaning a breeze.

Furthermore, having coloured glass splashbacks and bathroom walls installed reduces the risk of water getting through loose grout, which can happen over time and results in expensive wall damage.

When deciding on a colour scheme for your bathroom, it’s important to know that different colours take on their own persona, depending on how much light is available and whether or not that light is natural or artificial.

We can provide a vast range of exclusive colour samples for you to test in your bathroom, allowing you to view which colour best suits your decor, lighting and surrounding environment.

The smooth, reflective nature of glass can make a small bathroom feel and look much bigger, especially when installed in combination with frameless showerscreens. Sleek and modern, frameless showerscreens create visual space and can be custom-made to suit any shower recess.

Take the chore out of cleaning bathrooms that have mouldy, unsightly grout. Contact DecoGlaze ® to discuss measure, manufacture and installation of your new coloured glass splashbacks and bathroom walls today.